Welcome Girls, Guys and Ghouls
To My 4th Annual
Haunted Open House!

The doors are now open from Monday, October 27 through Friday, October 31 – Halloween!!

Come in! Look around! Make yourself at Home Sweet Scary Home. So you don’t get lost (that leaving breadcrumbs thing didn’t work out too well for Hansel and Gretel, did it?), here’s a map you can follow to find fun and frights:

A - Front Door. Return here to make a quick escape or to meet up with your friends so you can go on my Haunted Open House Giveaway Blog Hop together (My neighbors will have their lights on waiting for your visit!).

B - Living Room. Join my awesome VIP (not RIP!) guests for gab, gossip and giveaways—a new visitor each day! Monday: NY Times Bestseller Darynda Jones, Tuesday: Tarot expert Arwen Lynch, Wednesday: ImaJinn Books editor extraordinaire Brenda Chin, and Thursday: Terrifyingly fabulous author pals Laurie Kuna, Christine Allen-Riley, Maris Soule and Thea Devine.

C - Library. What great house, haunted or otherwise, doesn’t have a Library? Browse my shelves to select a spellbinding book. Or stretch out to enjoy a sneak peek or two. Find out what’s new and what’s old that’s new again (we’re all about resurrection, you know!).

D - Game Room. Ready for some frightfully good fun? The stakes may be high but at least they’re not sharp. A 15 Year Scary Reunion, Top 10 Horror Franchises, 8 Crazy Facts about Movie Makeup and Fake Blood. And Games!

E - Dining Room. Mix and mingle by the fireplace for deliciously creepy Appetizers. While teasing your taste buds, enjoy table talk about the dreadfully good books, movies, TV, and games of 2014.

F - Emergency Exit. You’d better think twice before wandering out into the darkness alone. All sorts of dangerous things could be lurking there. Like Zombies. Or Clowns!

G - Patio. Step outside for a breath of air and a sip from my selection of hauntingly good beverages while discussing Spookiest Bars, Scariest Places and Haunting Rides. But don’t leave the porch!

H - Solarium. Stop in for some Just Desserts and admire my collection of Killer Plants. Don’t nibble on the Belladonna or that unexpected ending could be your own!

I-K Sorry. The upstairs is off limits. You wouldn’t want to disturb my . . . friends while they’re sleeping.

When you’ve eaten your fill, seen all the sights, and had all the chills and thrills your blood pressure can stand, don’t forget to Trick-or-Treat. Start here at my Front Door for the first stop in my Haunted Open House Giveaway Blog Hop. Don’t forget to come back each day to visit with my special guests!

Let’s ask some of my guests what they thought of their trip through my Haunted Open House:

They’ll be back! Happy Haunting!

This haunt was made possible by the tireless and even-tempered efforts of my awesome Virtual Assistant, Florence Price, My Girl Friday,without whom I'd be lost!

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